IMX X1i Cloud Server

MatrixCloud X1i Live TV and X1v VOD Streaming Servers

The IMX X1i live TV and IMX X1v VOD streaming servers are designed for cloud IPTV services. MatrixCloud IPTV services enable IPTV operators to offer advanced IPTV services to customers resulting in higher overall revenue and faster growth. MatrixCloud enables operators to offer IPTV services to customers that normally don’t have the resources to do so. MatrixCloud allows customers to develop their own IPTV service offering without the high expense of paying for all IPTV equipment upfront.


The IMX X1i and X1v MatrixCloud servers are designed to enable the MatrixCloud IPTV services quickly and efficiently. Both IMX X1i and X1v solid state streaming servers are capable of stream up to 10,000 concurrent SD streams per server. The patent-pending IMX MatrixCast Streaming protocol is one of the most advanced streaming protocol on the Internet today. MatrixCast Streaming is far superior than the low quality streaming videos viewers are used to see on the PC.