MX 1100 HD Streaming PC Video Client

MX 1100 PC client is designed for people that want to view videos on their PC. The PC video client was written from ground up to optimize performance and security. Unlike many existing PC clients that are based on Windows Media player and HTML, the MX 1100 is written for maximum performance and security. The MX 1100 PC viewer comes with full support for HDTV and DVD video support. Viewers have the option to stream high quality videos using MatrixStream’s MatrixCast Streaming protocol or download the videos using MatrixStream’s download VOD technology. The IMX PC client is easy to use with intuitive user interface. It has a full built-in Electronic Programming Guide for full viewing pleasure.

Key Features and Benefits

  • MatrixCast Streaming - Delivers on-demand DVD and HDTV quality videos to PCs over the IP network using advance mpeg 4 codecs such as H.264. MatrixCast Streaming is far superior to any streaming solution over the Internet today.
  • Smart Targeted AD System (STAS) - STAS allows targeted video ad insertion that is anti-skippble. IPTV providers can target ad based on each individual user’s profile and demographic even when many users are watching the same video.
  • Anti-Piracy Security (APS) - APS Fully protected against video piracy by using condition access (CA) and MatrixCrypt(TM) DRM technologies with 128bit AES Encryption and SSL.
  • Bandwidth Saving Mode (BSM) Protection - BSM automatically times out a video stream after a preset time limit to avoid users accidentally leave the stream running 24 hours a day when they are not watching.
  • Video on Demand (VOD) - Delivers on-demand DVD and HDTV quality videos to PCs over the IP network using advance mpeg 4 codecs such as the H.264.
  • Live IPTV Channels - MX 1100 supports live IPTV channels whether it is streaming from your own server or from other providers over the Internet.
  • Conditional Access - Each PC client is authenticated via ip, user id and password.
  • IP Network - Works over any ip network. MatrixStream proprietary preload technology can deliver high quality video viewing experience even over wireless IP network.
  • Electronic Program Guide - Create a custom viewing experience by selecting videos from a variety of viewing categories to suit personal tastes.
  • Anti-Piracy Security - Fully protected against video piracy by using user authentication, IP tracking, video deletion, Encryption and DRM technologies.

Screen Shots

PC-client2 PC-client3 PC-client4