MatrixStream Technologies Inc.

MatrixStream Technologies Inc. is a next generation embedded IPTV platform company that has developed a complete turnkey MatrixCloud(TM) based IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) solution.

MatrixStream is an end-to-end IPTV system that will revolutionize the way people watch TV using patent-pending MatrixCast(R) Streaming technology that works over any any “best effort” unmanaged broadband or 4G wireless network, including the public Internet. MatrixStream multiplatform IPTV support TV, PC, Blueray players, Tablet and mobile devices using a single unified IPTV platform.

MatrixStream‘s vision is to develop beautiful designed IPTV products. MatrixStream is a vertically integrated company with in-house industrial design team as well as software and hardware engineering to produce all MatrixStream IPTV products.

MatrixStream is a green conscious company. We use ISO 14001 (Environmental Quality Management) certified contract manufacturers and suppliers. Our systems are RoHS compliant.

MatrixStream IPTV enables service providers to earn additional incremental recurring revenue by providing high definition live tv , video on demand and TV apps such as e-commerce or targeted advertising to their customers or provide wholesale MatrixCloud(TM) IPTV to other ISP. MatrixStream IPTV solution enables any provider to start an triple play IPTV service over any broadband today.