IMX M2200 Service Provider IPTV Middleware Server

The IMX M2200 is an IPTV management server that is the “brain” of any large IPTV deployment. IMX M2200 works seamlessly with rest of the IMX products to deliver a complete end-to-end IPTV platform for content providers capable of delivering DVD- and HD-quality videos over any “best effort” IP network. IMX service provider servers have complete support of video and subscriber management, MatrixCast Streaming over the Internet and live video encoders.

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Below is a list of servers and their functions:


  • IMX M2200 is the “brain” of the IPTV solution.
  • IMX M2200 is designed to manage IMX i2410 live TV MatrixCast Streaming servers and IMX v2420 VOD MatrixCast Streaming servers.
  • Video management server design to manage IPTV VOD viewers and videos.
  • Each server is capable of managing up to 50,000 viewers with unlimited user support via N+1 clustering.
  • Manages live streams from IMX e4010 H.264 video encoders.
  • Video management server design to manage IPTV VOD viewers and videos.

Specifications and Features:

  • Four 100/1000 Base-TX
  • Supports external storage such as RAID or SAN.
  • Supports maximum of 50,000 VOD viewers.
  • N+1 clustering for redundancy and expandability


  • Content management
  • User management
  • VOD channel management
  • MatrixCast Streaming IPTV management
  • User conditional access
  • User statistic tracking
  • Multilingual support
  • Web-based management

Service Provider IPTV Middleware Server Features and Key Advantages

  • Next Generation IMX Video On Demand (VOD) Technology – Works with any broadband network. The IMX platform automatically works over any “best effort” broadband network without any loss of video quality during viewing.
  • Internet HD Streaming Support – The IMX MatrixCast Streaming system is designed to work over the Internet.
  • WIMAX Support – The IMX VOD system can deliver videos efficiently over IP networks such as WIMAX without QoS or guaranteed bandwidth.
  • External Storage Support – Fully capable of interfacing with an external SAN (Storage Area Network) or RAID storage farm for video storage.
  • Unlimited User Support – All service provider servers can expand linearly in an N+1 cluster.
  • Personalized EPG (Electronic Program Guide) – Viewers can create their own customized Electronic Program Guide to suit their individual tastes.
  • Conditional Access – Allows management of all TV Set Top Box (STB) and PC players.
  • Full Backend Web-Based VOD Management -Allows management of all VOD content, including videos, channels, users, ads, previews, reports.
  • Multilingual Compatibility – All STB/PC/Backend management has multilingual support (including Japanese or Chinese).
  • OSD/VCR Functionality – The MX 1 IP STB has a full On-Screen Display (OSD) to support VCR functions such as fast forward, rewind, stop, pause, and a DVD-like chapter menu.
  • Autoprovisioning Capability – Both the STB and PC have auto-provisioning capabilities for automatic user setup.
  • Remote Software/Firmware Update – The STB/PC has remote software/firmware update capability to minimize truck rolls.
  • Parental Controls – Parental controls are available that allow you to create password-based locks for adult-oriented programming.
  • Advanced Video Codec Support – Full support on popular MPEG 4 codec including H.264** and MPEG 4 part 10**. The system can easily support future advanced video codecs.