IMX M500 All-In-One IPTV Server

The IMX 500 all-in-one video server series is a complete end-to-end IPTV server with capability to stream HD live TV channels and VOD content. Designed for networks that need to support up to 500 viewers, the IMX M500 is the complete solution right out of the box.


Below is a summary of all the servers and their capabilities:

Product Specifications and Features Example Applications

  • Brain of the IPTV
  • Up to 500 IPTV VOD viewers
  • Can support streaming IPTV with IMX e4090 encoder and IMX i2410 MatrixCast server
  • Supports streaming VOD with IMX v2420 MatrixCast server
  • Content management
  • User management
  • MatrixCast Streaming over the Internet
  • Live MatrixCast Streaming with IMX E4010 H.264 video encoder
  • VOD channel management
  • User conditional access
  • User statistic tracking
  • Multilingual support
  • Supports MX 1100 PC and MX 1 IP set top box viewers
  • Small rural telcos
  • Educational VOD
  • Campus learning/entertainment
  • Distance learning
  • Hotel VOD
  • Multi-unit dwelling VOD
  • Hospital
  • Localized content
  • Church VOD
  • Government

Enterprise IPTV Server Features and Key Advantages

  •  MatrixCast Streaming Technology – MatrixStream’s patent-pending MatrixCast Streaming technology is designed to stream HD and DVD quality videos over the Internet. MatrixCast Streaming protocol is far superior to streaming protocols on the market today.
  • Personalized EPG (Electronic Program Guide) - Each viewer can customize his/her own EPG.
  • Conditional Access - This function allows management of all the IP STBs and pc players.
  • Full backend web based VOD management - Allows management of all the videos/channels/users/ads/previews/reports.
  • Multilingual compatibility - All the stb/pc/backend management are multilingual enabled to support language such as Japanese or Chinese.
  • OSD/VCR functionality - IP STB (Set Top Box) has full OSD (on screen display) to support VCR functions such as fast forward/rewind/stop/pause/DVD-like chapter menu.
  • Autoprovisioning capability - Both STB and PC have auto provisioning capabilities for automatic user setup.
  • Remote software/firmware update - the stb/pc has remote software/firmware update capability to minimize truck rolls.
  • Parental control - parental control to put password for adult programming.
  • Advance Video Codec Support - Full support of most advanced H.264 video codec.