IPTV Over 4G LTE/WiMAX Wireless Network

Customer Requirements

Customer is a 4G LTE/WiMAX service provider that has over 100,000 subscribers. Customer would like to offer IPTV services to their existing customers. Traditional IPTV solutions on the market will not work out 4G due to instability of the wireless access and without QoS. However, subscribers of 4G is able to get very high broadband access speed. Below is a list of customer’s requirements:
Number of Video Subscribers – Customer would like support 50,000 initial IPTV subscribers and add additional 25,000 per year in the next few years.

  • HD Video – Customer would like to offer HD content to premium customers.
  • Streaming Over the Internet – Customer would like to use the Internet as their video transport. Customer is not impressed with some of the existing video downloading services due to poor video quality and slow video loading. Customer would like a streaming solution over the Internet where subscribers can play a video as soon as they select it.
  • View On TV or PC – Customer would like to give subscribers the option to watch videos on their large HDTV or on their PC.
  • Live IPTV Channels – Customer would like to offer its subscribers 50 live TV channels over the 4G network.
  • Expandable – Customer would like an IPTV system that’s fully scalable to support their current requirements and future growth.
  • Remote software/firmware update – Customer would like a system that has minimal truck roll. They would like to remotely manage all the PC and STB clients.
  • VOD Support – Live TV is not a requirement. Customer would like to put all 20,000 hours of video content onto their VOD servers for customers to pick and choose from.
  • Viewing Ratio – Customer anticipates that at any given time, at least 10% of its subscribers will be watching videos simultaneously.
  • Minimal Integration Cost – Customer does not have a large IT staff that can support a complicated IPTV deployment. Customer would like a system that will be easy to deploy, manage and support.